While we were renovating our home we had to decide what was going to fill in our empty wall space that was previously the den. I knew I had to have a coffee bar, and it was the perfect spot to house my addiction. It’s approximately 6 steps from the couch, and 6 more steps from that is our wine rack, so basically I have no reason to leave my house.

There’s really not much to a coffee bar, you can make it as simple like this or as extravagant (built ins, chalk boards, etc) as you want. Thank goodness my husband is handy because I am totally against measuring…. anything. I don’t do levels, tape measures, or anything that will numerically help me hang something. I am what you call an “eye baller”, meaning I eye ball the wall or area, and guess how much space I need for that object. I like to think my success rate using this method is 80/20, just don’t confirm that statistic with my husband. I’m actually not allowed to hang anything in our house now.

This wood plank coffee mug hanger is obviously perfect if you’re going for that farmhouse look. I love how it displays your mugs, while also allowing easy access for your guests so they’re not rummaging through every cabinet in search of something to hold that warm morning goodness!

Something else I really love are these Kate Spade mugs we actually received as part of our dinnerware set on our wedding registry. I registered for this in lieu of a fine china set because for one, we will never use a fine china dinnerware set. Two, this set is so versatile you can use is as your daily dish wear, and then dress it up for a dinner party or during the holidays with placemat accents, napkins, etc. It’s simple and elegant which I am totally all about.

I purchased this ceramic container several years ago from Home Goods, and it has survived multiple moves! I have a matching one for flour and love them both.

How cute is this little spoon rest?! Such an small and inexpensive item and it easily gets so much use. I got it when my husband and I started living together and he would leave the coffee spoon on the counter and it started to stain the granite in our rental! The whole situation drove me crazy. But alas, I purchased my new best friend and problem solved.

What’s great about the coffee bar table is the shelf access underneath for additional storage. I thought I was going to want closed cabinets in the front due so that no one has to see our storage, plus I was nervous the dogs might get into it, but apparently they don’t like tea and these baskets from Home Goods really don’t look bad at all! Our Pottery Barn lantern has found a place in our new home here and surprisingly fits right in.

And that’s about it! We also have a Keurig and Keurig cup holder which is awesome and we love. The table I purchased at Kirklands on clearance for $99, but this one is really cute too and very similar! I hope I helped to motivate you if you’ve always dreamt of a coffee bar, but thought it would be an expensive project to take on. So carry on fellow coffee lovers, and follow your dreams!