The weekend is here! Next stop: lounge town. Time to retire the dress pants and shirts for a couple days and slip into something a little more comfortable. For me this usually means leggings and some sort of t-shirt or tank top. As fall approaches, weddings start to flood the calendar, not to mention the holidays begin to creep up which means traveling and busy weekends. So I am all about taking advantage of lazy weekends while I still can!

If time allows, I try to catch up on some reading. Right now my book of choice is The Magnolia Story which I am already LOVING. I purchased it on sale at Hobby Lobby but you can also purchase it here through Walmart. It sucks you right in and is such a fun, down to earth read, which is exactly what I’d expect from Chip and Joanna!

This C’est La Vie T-shirt is perfect for weekend reading & coffee drinking! Light, comfy, perfect for layering a jacket over in case you have to run out but don’t feel like changing. All around just a great base piece to have plus it’s black and white, so you can really match it with anything!

What are your weekend plans? Whether you’re just hanging out or traveling, take a minute for yourself whether that’s reading, taking a bubble bath, or just enjoying a glass of vino. Or all three! Isn’t that what weekends are meant for?! XO