I love a good print – but in the past I’ve always kept my distance from leopard print mainly because I’ve seen it border the line of classy and trashy more than I would have liked to. I don’t think clothes need to be expensive to look nice, but I really hate when expensive clothes look cheap, and that’s basically been my experience with leopard print.

BUT leave it to Jcrew to make leopard print look oh so classy, this Long-sleeve leopard printed tie-neck top is perfect for the corporate (or non corporate) world, giving you enough spunk to spice up an outfit without being over the top edgy. And seriously, you can’t beat Jcrew Factory prices.

I’m so glad I decided to pair this top with something more colorful than my go to black or brown bottom. This wool skirt in cabernet is the perfect option, and compliments the gold color SO well! Not only is it a great fall color, but it’s super versatile and comfortable unlike a restraining pencil skirt! Pair it with a t-shirt for a more casual look.

These earrings are Baublebar, and if you don’t own a pair then you need to ASAP! They have so many different styles and looks in a TON of different colors. Definitely one of my favorite earring brands. I actually purchased these for another outfit and it worked out that they matched this one perfectly too!


So I think it’s safe to say my leopard print fear has been put to bed, and if you feel the same way than I definitely suggest giving it a try! If you can’t tell I’m only slightly excited for fall and the fun outfits that come with it. What are your favorite fall looks? Is there any trend you’ve been nervous to try but secretly wanted to? Make a bold move today and step out of your fashion comfort zone, chances are you’ll rock it and it could be your new favorite style!

Interested in collaborating? Navigate over to my contact me page and give me a shout! I’m always open to giving new styles a try. XO