I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the same pattern, but fall has been quite the tease lately. Hot, cold, muggy, humid, dry, rainy, sunny, the list does on. One day we have the windows open or even the space heater running, the next day we need to crank the AC up and use a dehumidifier! This outfit I find to work on warmer days, which lately has been quite frequent! This knotted t shirt is a great twist on the classic t shirt we all know and love. A little spunkier, fun, and visually interesting. Did I mention it’s incredibly SOFT as well? This skirt isn’t available online, but this one is a nice alternative and a little more “fall”. All in all this is a very versatile, comfy outfit and as soon as you feel a cool breeze, throw a jacket on and you’re good to go!  Now, let’s all pray to weather gods so they bring us that autumn weather we’ve been searching for! It just doesn’t feel right lighting pumpkin candles when it’s 80 degrees outside 😉